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1274647_531093993639591_970314815_oSERVANT OF NATIONS __ THE SON IN THEIR MIDST!

SERVANT OF NATIONS is a multi-ethnic church that believes and preaches that JESUS IS ALIVE today. We are formed by a group of people who are madly in love with Jesus Christ, value life in community, and believe that God has called us to live out our faith in the city, families, homes, workplaces, schools and friendships he has blessed us with.

SERVANT OF NATIONS is part of the global cell church movement. We believe a cell is the most basic DNA of the Body of Christ and that Jesus modeled the life of a cell community with the twelve disciples. In a cell group people are edified, cared for, equipped to live in relationships of accountability and love and empowered for their unique gifts and ministry.  We understand the cell to be a model that helps us live out the Word, develop leaders, evangelize the Lost, make disciples, and express the Holy Spirit’s Gifts. A cell is birthed by God the Father, indwelt by Christ the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We hope to connect with Houstonians who never have participate in church life, or have never felt connected to the family of God. Evangelizing the lost is one of our priorities.

SERVANT OF NATIONS believes that our King, Jesus Christ, came the first time to build His church and to establish His kingdom on earth, and that he will return to complete His kingdom work and reign over all the nations of the world. SON is actively seeking the Kingdom of God first and to advance it to the nations starting from Houston, TX.

For SON a definition of a cell group is ” CHRIST IN THE MIDST”; and a definition of a cell church is “THE BODY OF CHRIST IN THEIR MIDST”, meaning that the local Body of Christ should be in the midst of the communities it is serving and witnessing to. That is why we see ourselves as THE SON IN THEIR MIDST!

Church Policy and Vision and Values Documents


Son’s Vision and Values


Here is a slideshow of images of us trying to live out our faith in God’s grace and love.

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e-mail: servantofnations@gmail.com

tel/fax: 713-706-4401

Mailing address: P.O. Box 573052. Houston, TX. 77257-3052.

Church services & office: 6115 Skyline Dr., Houston, TX, 77057

Click here to see a video presentation of the beginning of Servant of Nations:


5 comments on “About us

  1. What times can I drop off items for your food pantry?

    Laura Walker

  2. Hey Laura
    Thanks for asking it.
    We have food distribution every Saturday from 8:30 to 10 AM at the Inglewood Food Pantry: 6363 Skyline Dr., Houston, TX, 77057. So, you can stop by at those times, or you can call this number to schedule a delivery:
    832-567-4918 (Karen)
    God bless you!

  3. Me gustaría saber dónde si aún están regalando comida

  4. Gracias por preguntarnos. Para este mes estamos cada sabado a la escuela Wisdom (6529 Beverly Hills St. Houston Tx 77057) Empezamos a las 9:30am.

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